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Home » News » MMA Fighter Amokrane Sabet shot dead after killing a police officer

MMA Fighter Amokrane Sabet shot dead after killing a police officer

Tuesday, May 5th 2015. | News

MMA Fighter Amokrane Sabet shot dead after killing a police officer

A French foreign citizens who are also athletes named Amokrane Kiane UCMMA Sabet police shot to death. Of the interim report, it is known if Sabet often do mischief, and disturbing residents. Police shot dead for trying to fight the current Sabet be secured officer. Reportedly, there was a policeman who was stabbed, the knife that was brought Sabet.

Stories Amokrane Kiane Sabet
Former fighters Mixed Martial Art (MMA), Amokrane “Kiane” Sabet apparently unregenerate for throwing a tantrum in Bali. Now the authorities threatened to deport him if re making a scene.

The list does not act a little troublemakers. As quoted from the Tribune Bali, in the mid 2015 Amokrane never eaten at the restaurant and did not pay. Instead of shame, he never came back to the restaurant and threatened the restaurant manager. As a result, he is blacklisted in all hotels, villas and restaurants in Seminyak. Now the same thing is also done business owners in Berawa.

Do not stop there. He has also been harassed by the words “beautiful wife, can I borrow?” On a pedestrian. He also often inconsiderate and disturb other visitors.

Step reckless, Amokrane Sabet did not go unnoticed by the police. In an article written Bali Tribune mentioned that Amokrane Sabet never meet police calls. Even a summons for him torn by it.

One visitor complaints posted on social media. “Who is the crazy big tattoo guy around canggu screaming out and abusing people. What’s his problem ??? “wrote one user Canggu Community social group.

Recent Amokrane Sabet back in trouble with the police because ent stabbing of a police officer. The result of his behavior, Kiane Sabet was shot by the police because they fight the current to be arrested.


Who exactly Amokrane?

Quoted from actuality, Amokrane Sabet is a 42-year-old MMA athletes from France.

It stems from the London club Cage Fighters.

Now he is no longer active in the MMA scene in which he had joined in 1999 and 2011.

In MMA he is better known by the name of Kiane Sabet.

In addition to the MMA stage, he starred in the movie “K” directed by John Allen.

His record in MMA stage by Sherdog record is 1 win and 3 defeats.

Their work in the MMA stage is not so smooth.

Fighter who has a 6 foot tall fails won MMA.

In one action against Ben Smith in 2010 and then in the title race Heavy Weight class, Amokrane aggressive rely knockout punch it lost after getting a lock of Ben Smith.

Noted 2 times Amokrane lost to Ben Smith for the years 2009 and 2010.

While still actively fighting in MMA, tattoos on the body Amokrane has not as much now.

Based on information collected in Kuta Utara police station, 2015 and Amokrane never called the police because it is often made uneasy at Boggy.

And on April 7, not long ago, Amokrane also reported residents back because like threatening and reckless driving in Jalan Pantai Berawa.

But the summons is given directly to the Amokrane torn, and he did not meet the call of the police.


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